Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Inquisitorial Guard

After a couple of years away from Warhammer 40k I have got back into it, and this time I decided I would start a blog so that everyone could see what I am doing. The armies that I have are Daemonhunters, Black Templars, and Imperial Guard. The Imperial Guard is the army that I am currently working on.

After listening to the
Gamers Lounge podcast (great podcast), and hearing how Bill's army is themed and modeled like they are killing tau. I decided that I needed to do something interesting, theme wise, for my Imperial Guard, unlike my Daemonhunters which have no theme at all. I'm going to theme my army not so much for other people to see it, but mainly for myself so that I can get more enjoyment out of my army.

I wouldn't consider myself the most creative person in the world so coming up with a theme for my army that would really keep my interest was a pretty difficult task. I also needed a theme that I could actually accomplish with my level of painting and modeling skills. I got the idea for the theme of my army from my other army the Daemonhunters, and a great Black Library book I am reading called Eisenhorn. So my army is going to be the Inquisitorial Guard. I really find the whole fluff behind the Inquisition to be just plain awesome. The idea that one guy can decide that a planet is too corrupt to save and have that planet destroyed is pretty extreme. The idea behind the army is that this is an Imperial Guard regiment that is the personal army of an Inquisitor Lord. The regiment is made up of Cadians, who have been picked because they have already battled Chaos and are still alive.

The only problem with this army is the fact that the Daemonhunters are probably going to be getting a new codex sometime this year. While that is not a bad thing, I just hope that the ally rules are still in the new codex. My army theme would make a lot more sense if I was able to field an Inquisitor. I guess that I will just have to wait and see what the new codex brings as far as ally rules. I am still going to go ahead with the theme no matter what so I guess it doesn't really matter, besides my Grey Knights could really use a new codex, maybe they'll get some kind of transport this time.

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